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Crypto Capital Venture

Crypto Capital Venture operates multiple difference arms within the cryptocurrency space.

World Class Recruiting

Crypto Capital Venture is a world class recruiting firm placing the top 5% in talent across the blockchain and AI industries.

Crypto Content

Market analysis, insight, and no hype commentary on the happenings within the cryptocurrency space


Besides a growing family of clients and partners, CCV is a community of hundreds of thousands of like-minded crypto enthusiasts from all over the world!


CCV doesn't just recruit and create content for the cryptocurrency space, but Crypto Capital Venture also operates multiple stake pools in the Cardano ecosystem

Grow With Me

My name is Dan, founder of Crypto Capital Venture. CCV is a leading recruiting firm for fast growth crypto startups. As many of you know, I also run a YouTube channel.

With such successful growth of our firm, YouTube channel, and Cardano stake pools, my wife Sarah and I - along with all of our awesome  delegators - have begun to leverage this success towards one mission: TO LOVE AND SERVE.

You kind find out more about our Launchpad Foundation here.

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Crypto Is An Adventure







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